What are you doing this holiday season? If you’re like many others, you might be shopping for gifts online or visiting retailers located near our Glennville, NY car dealership. While there’s no doubt that shopping for others makes the holiday season brighter, treating yourself to something special can make this time of year even more special, too.

If you want to do something for yourself before the New Year arrives, we invite you to check out our inventory of used cars near Albany, NY. Once you do, you’ll realize you’ll never have to ask, “Are there used cars near me that are equal parts reliable, nice-looking, and feature-rich?” ever again.

As you go through our generous selection of previously owned automobiles, you’ll see that our inventory includes an array of body styles, such as trucks, minivans, SUVs, and sedans. Knowing what body style you want to get will narrow down the models that are available to you. That will help expedite the car-buying process.

After you choose a body style, you can sort your search results online so that our website shows the specific models we have for sale within that category. If you’re shopping with us in person, our sales team will walk you through the models that match the body style you’re interested in.

When you’ve picked the model you want to get, you can submit a loan application to our finance center near Saratoga Springs, NY. If you earn at least $350 per week, you may qualify for a loan of $30,000 with just a dime down along with a lifetime of complimentary oil changes for however long you own the vehicle you buy from us.

What are you waiting for? Treat yourself to a new-to-you vehicle at Fogg’s Automotive this holiday season!