Drivers located close to our dealership never have to ask, “Are there used cars near me that are as reliable as they are stylish and modern?” That’s because we’re standing by to sell great-looking and well-equipped used cars. No matter what type of pre-owned vehicle you decide to buy when you visit our Glenville dealership, you need to pay attention to your battery.

The battery is the hardest working component of your car. It’s solely responsible for starting your motor and supplying your car’s electrical systems with power. With your battery doing such vital things, it’s important to take care of it.

One of the simplest things you can do to prolong your battery’s life is to drive often. For a battery to reach a full charge, it’s advisable to drive for at least 30 minutes at a rate of at least 1,000 rpm.

You should also turn off the lights before you turn your vehicle off. If you struggle to remember to do this, parking differently can help. Instead of parking as usual, make it a point to park in a manner that will force you to walk in front of your headlights. Alternatively, you can put a sticky note on your dashboard or a sticker on your key fob to remind you.

Maintaining your battery in good condition is another thing you can do to extend its working life. Taking care of your battery is as easy as making an appointment and bringing your vehicle into our service center near Saratoga, NY for an inspection.

To learn more about prolonging the life of your battery, contact or visit Fogg’s Automotive today.