If you have a new driver in your family, then you may want to reward your teen for all their hard work by getting your child a vehicle. Getting an automobile for your kid will allow your child to establish their independence and stop them from relying on you for transportation. This, in turn, will free up some valuable time for you.

Now, the question is – should you buy your teen driver a new or pre-owned car? One of the leading reasons parents choose to get a new vehicle for their teen is safety equipment. Today’s cars often have some advanced safety and driver-assistive features, which can help keep new motorists safe on the road.

Although that’s true, many pre-owned vehicles produced in recent model years have similar equipment. A lot of the used Chevy cars and the used Toyota models in our inventory have active safety equipment like a forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking system and adaptive cruise control, for example.

If you’re going to buy a previously owned vehicle for your teen driver, you should make sure the car has electronic stability control even if it doesn’t have the latest safety equipment. Beginning with the 2012 model year, ESC was required on new vehicles sold in the United States. Taking that into consideration, you may want to limit your search for a pre-owned model to the 2012 and later model years.

Just like there are plenty of new cars to choose from in the marketplace, you’ll have a lot of options available to you when you shop for a pre-owned vehicle at our car dealership near Capitol Region, NY. Head over to Fogg’s Automotive to find a previously owned automobile your teen will love as much as you do now.